Back from the America

[By Terry on 04/10/2019 with 0 Commments]

It was a pleasure being back in the Pacific Northwest for a 10 date tour.  I met a lot of other musicians that I enjoyed. The music scene is good there. More music more often as far as I could figure out in the brief time I was there. Still it was pretty fine touching down in Amsterdam on the way back home, spending Euros again, even if on a freeze dried airport ersatz English breakfast after those big, beautiful American (3 eggs, hash browns, bacon & toast) breakfasts at Denny's up & down Interstate 5. 


So I'm busy booking shows for the rest of the year and 2020. If you own a pub & your phone is ringing it's probably me. The rest of you? I hope to see soon. I've got a new bunch of songs I want you to hear..

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